About Primocyn

What is Primocyn?

Primocyn is a sterile super-oxidized, purified water-based skin care and wound solution.  It enables the body to perform its own healing process, making it your immune system support in a bottle!  With a pH level of 6.2-7.8, Primocyn kills 99.97% of bacteria and viruses in less than 30 seconds.  It is a highly concentrated, natural source of active ingredients that is anti-proliferative, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory.    


Primocyn is made up of 99.97% oxidized water, making it as safe as water.  It is non-toxic, non-alcohol, and non-irritating, making it safe to use around the nose, mouth, and eyes.  Because it is so safe to use, no special handling instructions are required. 

How Primocyn Works

The ionized water is the science behind Primocyn.  The unstable ions look for electrons to stabilized themselves.  Bacteria has a lower ion concentration, thus attracting the highly concentrated H+ and OH- ions.  The ions rush in and break through the bacteria’s cell wall, thereby killing it.  

How Ionized Water is Made

How Ionized Water is Made

With its army of active ingredients, Primocyn solution disinfects the affected area while maintaining the health of the surrounding tissue by reducing the bacteria count and assisting in creating a moist environment to regenerate healthy cell growth.

The super-oxidized water solution promotes fibroblasts migration, thereby promoting collagen creation.

Regenerative Action

Regenerative Action


Primocyn is a skin care and wound solution that kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold that attack our skin.  Primocyn can be used effectively in treating such skin issues such as infections, psoriasis, athlete’s foot, diaper rash, eczema, onychomycosis, ulcers, burns, hemorrhoids, body odor, razor bumps,  and cuts/scrapes.  Primacy can even aid in preventing hair, scalp, and eyelash fall out. More details on the symptoms.

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