K-Beauty Tips for Youthful Skin


By K-Beauty, we aren’t referring to Kim K, but instead to the ever-growing beauty industry that is Korean Beauty. What makes K-Beauty unique is the special attention to making the skin not only look beautiful, but also youthful and vibrant, not by caking on makeup and covering up blemishes, but by protecting and nourishing the skin.  Korean Beauty is all about flaunting the natural glowing skin to take years off your face.

Want to have flawless, glass skin like K-Pop stars BTS and Blackpink?  The secrets of Korean Beauty skincare are attainable if you follow these simple tips.


Tip 1


At its core, K-Beauty is all about the glass skin.  What does this mean?  Glass skin refers to hydrated skin that is dewy and naturally glowing.  Hydrated skin gives the appearance of youth and livens up your face.  So how do you get this glass skin?  Focus on daily habits like staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water and provided your skin with lots of moisture.  Use a hydrating mask at night for intensive skincare and finish off with a moisturizing cream to provide a protective barrier for your skin.


Gentle Cleanser

Gently cleansing impurities from the face is key to pristine skin Korean Beauty values.  In fact, cleansing is such an important step in K-Beauty skincare, it is recommended to do it twice! First, remove make-up and dirt with an oil-based cleanser.  Then, follow up with a foam cleanser to wash away sweat and oil.  It is important to remove make-up and dirt nightly to minimize the build-up in pores for that perfect skin that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.



Remove dead skin to reveal fresh, youthful skin by using an exfoliator.  However, too much of a  good thing can be bad in the case of exfoliation, so limit it to twice a month, focusing on the T-zone.


Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are becoming more readily available in the United States, but they have been a staple of Korean homes for a long time, taking up premium space in the fridge.  Packed with beneficial ingredients such as collagen, sheet masks make it easy-peasy way to achieve youthful, hydrated skin while watching your favorite show on Netflix. 



Protect your skin from sun damage such as fine lines and sunspots.  Use a sunblock or moisturizing products with SPF if you are aiming for super youthful skin.  Most Korean foundations and BB, CC, DD creams come armed with SPF because sun damage is the kryptonite of K-Beauty.

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