How to Save Face This Summer

Summer skincare tip

Summer Skin Care Tips for Radiant, Healthy Skin.

Summer brings bright, sunny days where all we want to do is kick back, relax and enjoy being outside in the sun.  However, our skin can take a beating in the extra hours in the sun with harmful UV rays that can accelerate signs of skin aging, such as fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, and even sagging skin.  Also, summer can mean extra humidity and hot temperatures that can wreak havoc on your skin, causing your skin to produce extra oil and shine, and possible skin breakouts. Eek!

Save face this summer with these tips to create a skin care regimen that’ll keep your skin glowing all summer long.


Tip 1

Keep skin hydrated

Blasts of air-conditioning and being out for long days in the sun during the summer months can dry out your skin. Swap out heavy creams for lighter options that’ll keep your skin hydrated. Whether you’re using a mist, a gel, or light moisturizers, hydrating your skin regularly can help ward off the damaging effects of longer sun exposure in the summer.


Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

Whether going dewy or matte, reapply often and make sure you are using enough sunscreen to create a protective barrier between your skin and the harmful effects of sun damage.


Feed your skin.

The best tool for even summer tone is already in your fridge.  Dive into a juicy watermelon, rich in antioxidants to boost your skin’s radiant complexion. 

summer fruits  

Wash your face

This seems like a no brainer, but cleansing your face properly is more important than ever in the hot, sticky summer months, when your skin is prone to more breakouts.  Sweat and oil can clog your pores, causing serious skin issues.  Make sure you take your time to gently wash away oils and other impurities twice a day.

facial wash for summer

Repair and treat sun damage

You don’t need to get a sunburn for the sun’s UV rays to do its harm.  Just the exposure itself, even if there are no clear signs of sunburn,  may accelerate the signs of aging, so repair and treat your skin with anti-aging products that can undo the damage. 

summer sun

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